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Milo Schield, PhD Rice University

Fellow of the American Statistical Association (2018),
Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute (2016).  

Editor/Owner of (2003-now)  2018: 343k visits; 462K downloads

Author of Statistical Literacy: Seeing the Story behind the Statistics. 2021B Table of Contents, glossary and index.

Past-President of the National Numeracy Network (NNN 2019-2022); VP from 2015-2019

US representative of International Statistical Literacy Project (....-now)

Director of the W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project  (2001-2005)    International talks by location 

Created first catalog-approved Statistical Literacy course (Augsburg College GST200) in 1998.  

2019-RG-Reads-by-Country    Professional Achievements (2019)     RG Summary:  2016

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Statistical Literacy: Teaching using Odyssey (2)

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  • Planned talks (Title and Abstract): For 2022 NNN, ECOTS, Critical Thinking, ASA JSM, and ICOTS

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Statistical Literacy: Distributions using Excel (slides)

  • Lognormal Distribution of Households & Incomes by Mean-Median Ratio.    April 2015  Slides
  • Create Log-Normal Distribution of Households by Income and of Income by Income. Oct 2014  XLSX-Data
  • Log-Normal Spreadsheet w tables (Distribution of Excess Income). Oct 2014 XLSX    PDF of worksheet

  • Model Logistic Regression using OLS with Excel 2013.  Oct 2014.  Slides  Output   Input

  • Empirical Sampling Distribution using a Single Die with Excel 2013.   6up  1up  Results (pdf)  Data (xlsx)
  • Modeling: MLE Logistic versus OLS-Based Logistic.    Slides  2013.

Statistical Literacy: Video

Statistical Literacy: Talks with Audio

  • "A Second Statistics Course is Needed: What should it be?" ECOTS 2012 by Isaacson & Schield  Audio  Slides  Abstract
  • "Big Data Generates Beguiling Coincidences" 2012 ECOTS  Audio   Slides  Abstract

Schield Canvas-related slides:

  • 2022 UNM Class Lists (slides)

  • 2023 Canvas Writing Challenges 1/26/2023 slides    Writing Responses slides.

  • 2023 Canvas Modules: Adding Video. Schield 9/13/2022 Slides

  • 2022 Canvas Grade book: Importing Odyssey scores.  Schield   9/2/2022 Slides

Schield Odyssey-related slides:

  • 2022 Odyssey: Loading New Students. Schield 9/13/2022  slides

Schield technical papers:

  • 2021 Creating Wainer-Lesser Weighted-Average Graphs using Excel.    Schield 2021    Excel worksheet

  • 2021 Ambiguity of Phi in Excel   Schield 6/18/2021 Spreadsheet

  • 2020 Create PDF with Word 2013 using Adobe Distiller (Slides internal). Slides   9/9/2020   PPTX [not enough space]

  • 2020 PowerPoint: Create Audio and Video.  Slides  8/8/2020   PPTX [not enough space]

  • 2020 Edit/Convert Zoom Recording Using AVS software.     One-page instructions   8/1/2020

  • 2020 ResearchGate: Replace paper.   One-page instructions.    3/20/2020

  • 2017 SERJ Statistical Literacy papers: Keyword Analysis.   One page summary

  • 2017 Generate High Resolution Pictures with Visio 2003.   One page instructions.  26 June, 2021 

Statistical Literacy: Talks without a paper.  Just PowerPoint slides or posters.  By Schield unless otherwise noted.

  • 2022  Statistical Literacy: Seven Simple Questions for Policymakers.  Slides for IASE webinar.
  • 2022  Hurricane Ian 9/28 landfall    Slides   Cone with centerline
  • 2022  2020 Poverty Data by Race and Family Structure Since 1966. Schield (slides)
  • 2022  Metropolitan State College: slides
  • 2022  NNN 2021-22 Disparity vs. Discrimination  S/l vs. C/T Slide   NNN 2021-22 Meeting Online
  • 2022 UNM Letter to the Chronicle of Higher Education (draft).    Submitted  2/15/2022,  Not accepted/published.
  • 2022 Colloquium to Math-Stat Faculty at the Univ. of Texas -- El Paso.  2/18/2022.  Slides  Abstract Announcement  PPT
  • 2021 UNM Letter to Chronicle of Higher Education.  Draft
  • 2021 Teaching Statistical Literacy at a Community College.   11/19/2021 Slides   PPTX
  • 2020 Covid19 Infections, Cases and Deaths.   Slides.  11/2021. 

  • 2020 Coronavirus Covid-19: An Explanatory Model.  Slides 7/19/2020.

  • 2020 Coronavirus Covid-19: An Analysis.  Slides 3/8/2020.

  • 2019 NNN Annual Meeting: What is Numeracy?   Statistical Literacy: An Introduction  (10/13)   Slides

  • 2019 NNN Workshop at Palomar Community College.  Statistical Literacy: An Introduction  (9/20-21) Slides

  • 2019 Univ. New Mexico: Teaching Confounder-Based Statistical Literacy (6/19)   Slides

  • 2019 USCOTS Workshop  All  Ch 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13.    5/16     Teaching Confounding Roundtable.

  • 2019 Gender Pay Gap: Uncontrolled vs. Controlled.  April 4, MIS 264  PDF   DOC

  • 2018 Infant Mortality Rate: A National Embarrassment?  Critical Thinking Club Dec 5 2018. Augsburg U. Slides   PPTX

  • 2018 Increasing Disparity: The Scanlan Effect.   Critical Thinking Club Dec 5 2018. Augsburg U. Slides    PPTX

  • 2018 Why Voter Polls are Often Wrong.   Twin Cities Critical Thinking Club Dec 2, 2018.   Slides     PPTX

  • 2018 Increasing Disparities: The Scanlan Effect.   National Numeracy Network Oct 2018. Michigan State U. Slides

  • 2018 Data Literacy @ The Gartner Conference.  Dallas Texas March 2018.  Slides   1D

  • 2017 IQ and Gender.  Cynthia and Milo Schield.  Critical Thinking Club (CTC).  Slides

  • 2017 The Heart of Numeracy: The Grammar of Quantitatively-Based Relations.  Schield Nov 2017 NNN Barnard College  Slides

  • 2017 Levels of Numeracy: How Much Critical Thinking.  Schield Nov 2017 NNN Barnard College.  Slides

  • 2017 Statistical Literacy: 2017. Schield CME Toronto Canada. 4/29/2017  Slides

  • 2017 Down Syndrome: By Birth Order and Mom's Age. 3/20/2017  Slides     PPTX     XLSX

  • 2016 Why Election Polls Are Often Wrong Slides.  CTC 12/4/2016.   Why Clinton Lost (Trump Won)
             Slides, Exit Poll Data.   Calculate Chance of Winning  Dec 6m 2016.

  • 2015 What's Wrong with Into Stats.  StatChat 10/27/2015   PPTX    Gaise Update

  • 2015 Hot Hand: Better than Chance.  Univ. of St. Thomas  Fall 2015.  Slides    PPTX

  • 2015 Comments on Cobb and De Veaux at USCOTS.  USCOTS 2015  1up  6up  PPTX

  • 2015 Making Connections.  Comments by Milo Schield.  USCOTS 2015.  Slides

  • 2015 Critical Thinking: Past, Present and Future. Slides CTC 4/15. Averroes (~1170) vs Al-Ghazali (~1100)

  • 2015 Augsburg's Above-Average Value-Added Education. To Augsburg Faculty 2/17/15.  Food for Thought Slides

  • 2015 Teaching for Transfer in Statistics Classrooms.  Mathew D. Beckman, 2/24/15 StatChat, Macalester  Slides.

  • 2015 Statistically-Significant Shortcuts.  2/24/2015 Statchat  Macalester, St. Paul.   Slides  PPTX

  • 2014 Business Analytics vs. Data Science.  Nov 2014 DSI-MSMESB Tampa, FL.  Invited Talk   Slides. PPTX

  • 2014 Big Data and Coincidence.  Oct 2014 NNN-1 invited workshop at Carleton College.  Slides.

  • 2014 Explore Log-Normal Distribution of Incomes. Oct 2014 NNN-2 Invited Workshop, Carleton C. Slides, Spreadsheet  Spreadsheet PDF  PPT

  • 2014 Create Distributions Empirically using Excel. Oct 2014 NNN-3 Invited Workshop at Carleton College.  Slides     PPT

  • 2014 Statistically-Significant Correlations. Oct 2014 NNN-4 Invited Workshop at Carleton College. Slides     PPT

  • 2014 Segmented Linear Regression. By 2014 NNN-5 Invited Workshop at Carleton College. Slides

  • 2014 Teaching Big Data: Panel comments.  May 20 E-COTS presentation.  Slides.
  • 2014 Two Big Ideas in Teaching Big data.  ASA Twin Cities ASA Chapter at Augsburg College on 3/20/2014. 6up  1up.
  • 2013 Adding Context to Introductory Statistics.  ASA Twin Cities Chapter at Augsburg College on 5/22/2013. 6up  1up  PPT.
  • 2012 Victor Cohn (1919-2000): A Retrospective: ASA Twin Cities Chapter at Augsburg College on 10/15/2012. 6up
  • 2012 Keene State College Workshop:   1 Statistical Literacy 6up;  2 Critical Thinking 6up; 3 Coincidence 6up; 5 Reading Tables and Graphs 6up
    6 Reading Graphs and Tables 6up; 7 Statistical Literacy and Mathematics 6up;  8 Statistical Literacy: Confounding 6up. May 15-17, 2012.
  • 2012 Coincidence in Run and Clusters.  6up  1up.  StatChat and ASA Chapter Meetings.  Macalester College, St. Paul., MN.  3/8/2012.
  • 2012 Statistical Literacy: A Math-Stat Alternative  6up 1up.   T3Conference, Chicago 3/2/2012
  • 2012 Statistical Literacy for All  6up 1up.      Statistical Literacy at Augsburg 6up 1up.   Lehman C.  2/24/2012
  • 2011 Social Statistics: Egypt  February Slides
  • 2011 Modeling in Context: Teaching Adjustment and Confounding through the Common Core Standards.  Poster, Schield & Kaplan. USCOTS
  • 2011 Where Do Statistics Come From? - Setting the Table for Introductory Statistics.  Poster, Marc Isaacson at USCOTS
  • 2011 Multiple Choice: Olympic Success.  USCOTS Activity 6up   Marc Isaacson 
  • 2011 Hypothetical Thinking about Statistics: An Activity.  May USCOTS 6up
  • 2011 Odysseys Teach Critical Thinking. Poster, Augsburg College with Larry Copes. 5/10/2011.
  • 2011 Statistical Literacy: Confounding.  University of Texas, San Antonio  1/13/2011 6up  Slides    Announcement
  • 2011 Statistical Literacy Worldwide: 2010. 1/6/2011  MAA JMM  6up
  • 2010 Statistical Literacy: Confounding.  University of St. Thomas 12/10/2010  6up  1up
  • 2010 Quantitative Literacy Today: An Update.  Carleton-PKAL conference. 10/08/2010 6up.
  • 2010 Statistical Literacy at Augsburg College.  Carleton-PKAL conference. 10/09/2010 6up
  • 2010 Harper's Index  November  Slides
  • 2010 Confounding UST December  Slides
  • 2010 Boys Adrift by Cynthia Schield CTC  Sept 12, 2010 Slides
  • 2009 Science Literacy Requires Statistical Literacy  11/09 SENCER Symposium 6up
  • 2009 Statistical Literacy and Liberal Education  7/09 Free Minds '09 6up
  • 2009 Several Radical Ideas to Help Students Interpret Introductory Statistics  6/2009 Brick & Schield USCOTS Small Poster. (Large: 3' x 4')
  • 2009 Speculative Statistics and Public Policy.  5/2009 NNN conference Univ. Washington, Bothell  6up
  • 2009 Statistical Literacy: A New On-Line Gen Ed Course for Math Teachers  2/2009 Proposal for 2009 AMATYC
  • 2008 Statistical Literacy talks at Anderson University 6up and at the Univ. of Kentucky (Lexington) 6up.  10/2008
  • 2008 Confounder Influence on Attributed Cases, 7/2008.  MAA MathFest. Madison, WI 6up 1up
  • 2008 Binary Confounders as Mathematical Objects, 7/2008.  European Conference on Methodology. Oviedo Spain 6up
  • 2008 Bayes' Comparisons 1/2008 StatChat, Macalester College (St. Paul, MN) 6up  1up.
  • 2007 Civic Engagement: Numbers in the News  10/2007 AACU Civic Learning at the Intersections, Denver CO 6up 1up
  • 2007 Quantitative Literacy Core Concepts  10/2007 Carleton QUIRK Project 6up   1up
  • 2007 Teaching Statistical Literacy  4/2007 National Numeracy Panel, Midwest Sociological Society Chicago 6up
  • 2006 Statistical Literacy: An Introduction. 8/2006 Univ. Connecticut 6up   1up
  • 2006 Statistical Literacy for Majors without Math Requirements. 3/2006 Univ. Wisconsin QL Conference 6up   1up
  • 2006 Mathematics of Association in Quantitative Literacy. 1/2006 MAA 6up
  • 2005 Statistical Literacy: Errors Reading Graphs. 12/2005 Kansas City Actuarial Club 6up
  • 2005 Statistical Literacy and Critical Thinking, 7/2005 TOC Summer Seminar at Union College 6up
  • 2005 Statistical Literacy and Epidemiological Reasoning, 7/2005 TOC Summer Seminar at Union College 1up 6up
  • 2005 Quantitative Literacy: Core Concepts, 6/2005 MAA QL Workshop at Macalester College  6up  1Up Notes
  • 2004
  • 2003 Statistical Literacy Survey, 5/2003 IASSIST Conference.  1up 6up
  • 2003 Statistical Literacy at Augsburg, March 2003 Project Status.   1up, 6up
  • 2002 Proposed Survey of Business Statistics Teachers, 8/2002 MSMESB  6up 1up
  • 2001 Student Difficulties Reading Tables of Ratios.  12/2001  US Bureau of Census  6up
  • 2001 Statistical Literacy: How Does It Relate to Quantitative Literacy.  PKAL Snowbird, UT  7/2001.  Abstract6up1up
  • 2001 Effectiveness of Statistics in Schools of Business.  6/2001 MSMESB  Troy NY  1up
  • 2001 The Grenada Conjectures: The Future of Statistical Education.   U. of Grenada Jan 18, 2001.  1up  6up
  • 2000 Teaching Conditional Thinking Using Ratios.  Western Conference on Teaching Statistics (WCTS1)  3/2000  Notes
  • 2000 Teaching Statistics Using Relevant Data.  Western Conference on Teaching Statistics (WCTS1)  3/2000  6up
  • 2000 Grammar of Statistics: Rates, Percentages and Risk.  3/2000 Augsburg College   6up
  • 2000 Statistical Literacy: Numbers as Information.  Wendy Treadwell  UMn  2/2000   6up
  • 1999 Statistical Literacy: Standards for Content.   11/1999  AMATYC  6up
  • 1999 Statistical Literacy: Reading Rates and Percents.   10/1999  APDU  6up

W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project at Augsburg College (2001-2005):

Augsburg-related papers: 1985-2021:

Schield-Organized Statistical Literacy Sessions (1998-2013 and 2019)

2019 Statistical Literacy #17 (ASA, Denver)  Organizer: Milo Schield US ISLP Representative  (35 attendees)

Quantitative Literacy Should Not Be Optional, Gail Burrill (IASE President)   ** Unable to attend.  Schield introduced NNN: Slides

Serving Up Tasty Morsels: Mapping from Literacy to Capability, Chris Wild  Slides: PDF  PPTX

Statistical Literacy: A Study in Confounding.     Milo Schield. Abstract    Slides

Creating a Learning Progression to Support Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Develop a Critical Statistical Literacy.  Travis Weiland

Data Visualization: Modernizing the ASA Poster Competition for Grades K-12. Jamis Perrett

2013 Statistical Literacy #16 (ASA, Montreal)  Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (50 attendees)

The Relevance of Rhetoric to Statistical Literacy, Joel Best  Abstract  

Getting to know your variables: A critical element of a statistical analysis, Jane Miller. Abstract   Audio  1up   6up

Statistics Education: Steadfast or Stubborn?     Milo Schield. Abstract   6up  1up  Audio

Challenging Statistical Claims in the Media Course & Gender Effects, Rose Martinez-Dawson  Abstract   Audio  1up  6up

Key Components of Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education.  Esther Wilder   Handout  Abstract  1up    6up

2012 Statistical Literacy #15 (ASA, San Diego CA) Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (50-60 attendees)

Is Statistical Literacy at Risk with Common Core Standards? Kathryn Hall Abstract 6up

Teaching Quantitative Reasoning Skills: A Numeracy Infusion Course for Higher Education (NICHE), Esther Wilder Abstract 6up Handout

Clinician Numeracy Clinical Numeracy - Getting the Gist of Health Risks, Tanner Caverly et al.  Abstract  6up  Talk

How Economic and Social Statistics became the Stepchildren of the Profession,  Othmar Winkler Abstract

Lost: Assessing Student Survival Skills in the Statistical Wilderness using Real Data, Marc Isaacson Abstract  6up

How Causal Heterogeneity Can Influence Statistical Significance in Clinical Trials, Milo Schield  6up 

2011 Statistical Literacy (ISI, Dublin, Ireland) STS08. Organizer and chair: Milo Schield

Making Sense of Statistical Studies, Roxy Peck 6up

Statistics in the News, Nancy Reid and Jean-François Plante

Interpreting Economic and Social Data, Othmar Winkler

Multivariate Thinking in Precollege Social Sciences, James Nicholson   ISI News  6up

Epidemiological Models and Spotty Statistics, Milo Schield ISI  Slides        PPTX   

Teaching the Social Construction of Statistics, Milo Schield IASE  Slides      PPTX    Docx

2011   US Supreme Court: Statistical Significance not necessary for Causation. Late-Breaking Session (ASA, Miami FL).
         Chair: Milo Schield
6up  1up   Stephen T. Ziliak 1up, Joseph "Jay" Kadane, Donald Rubin and Daniel Kaplan 1up

2011 Statistical Literacy #14 (ASA, Miami FL). Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (50-60 attendees)

Pop-stats books and Statistical Education - Kaiser Fung, New York Univ.  1up.

Integrating Quantitative and Financial Literacy - Joseph Ganem, Loyola Univ., Maryland.  6up

Statistics and Clinical Trials: Past, Present and Future - Herb Weisberg, Correlation Research.   1up

Learning to Read the Numbers: Critical Literacy and Numeracy in K-8 Classrooms - David and Phyllis Whitin, Wayne State U.  1up

Assessing Quantitative Reasoning: What Do Freshmen Know? - Ermine Faith Orta, Nandini Kannan and Kimberly Massaro, U. Texas San Antonio. 6up

Describing Quantitative Relationships Using Informal Grammar, Milo Schield 6up 1up   Appendix  WB1  WB2

Teaching Statistics Using the News Media ­ T. Paulette Ceesay, 6up

2010 Statistical Literacy #13 (ASA, Vancouver CA). Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (90 attendees)

Statistical Literacy for Managers: Analyzing Time Series data by Anders and Britt Wallgren (Sweden)   6up

Numbers in Everyday Life: A Short Course for Adults   Gerald Hahn, Necip Doganaksoy, Ricki Lewis, Jane Oppenlander and Josef Schmee    6up

The Undetectable Difference: An Experimental Look at the “Problem” of p-Values. Bill Goodman (Univ. Toronto)   6up

Probability in Decline   Dean Brooks (Ekaros Analytical Inc.)  6up   Blog

Teaching Statistical Literacy as a Quantitative Rhetoric Course  John Schmit (Augsburg College)  6up

The Social Construction of Ranks   Milo Schield (Augsburg College)    6up

2010 Statistics for Non-Quantitative Majors (ICOTS8 in Ljubljana, Slovenia)  Organizer and chair: Milo Schield

        Using media reports to promote statistical literacy for non-quantitative majors  Stephanie Budgett, Maxine Pfannkuch (NZ).     6up

        Luring non-quantitative majors into advanced statistical reasoning; luring statistics educators into real statistics    James Nicholson, Jim Ridgway, Sean McCusker 

        Using a Five Step Framework for interpreting tables and graphs in their contexts    Marian Kemp and Barry Kissane (AU)   6up 

        How we can all learn to think critically about data   Ian Gordon, Sue Finch (AU)    6up

        Association-Causation Problems in News Stories.  Milo Schield, Augsburg College.  ICOTS-8   2010.  See also Merriam-Webster (1994): Usage of "times".

2009 Statistical Literacy #12 (ASA, Washington DC). Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (130 attendees)

Statistical Challenges in Medical Research: What Consumers Need to Know   Ronald R Gauch (Marist College)  6up

The Cult of Statistical Significance  Stephen Ziliak (Roosevelt U.) and Deirdre N. McCloskey (Univ. Illinois, Chicago)  4up  6up

Spinning Heads and Spinning News: Statistics in the Media  Rebecca Goldin (George Mason U.):  6up

Know Your Chances: Curriculum to Help Students Be Better Consumers of Statistics  Steven Woloshin, Lisa Schwartz (Dartmouth)  2up  

2009 Numeracy (ASA, Washington DC). Organizer: Milo Schield.  Chair: Paul J. Fields

Confound those Speculative Statistics  Milo Schield (Augsburg)  6up

Distinguishing Association from Causation in Media Headlines.  Milo Schield (Augsburg) and Robert Raymond (St. Thomas)  6up

Formal Debates to Clarify the Objectives of an Intro Stats Course. Dan Schafer (Oregon State, Author of the Statistical Sleuth):  4up
                 See also the Vaccination Debate 4up.

How Prepared are Doctoral Dissertation Committees?   Rossi Hassad (Mercy College)

Taking Confounding Seriously with Introductory Students.  Daniel Kaplan (Macalester College)

2008 Statistical Literacy #11 (ASA, Denver, CO). Organizer: Milo Schield.  Chair: Larry Lesser  (70 attendees)

Interpreting the substantive significance of multivariate regression coefficients. Jane Miller (Rutgers University). 1up slides.

Just Plain Data Analysis. Gary Klass (Illinois State University).  6up slides

Using Simulation to Teach Statistical Literacy. Marc Isaacson, W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project. 6up slides.

Numbers in the News: A Survey. Robert Raymond and Milo Schield, W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project. Data6up and 1up

von Mises' Frequentist Approach to Probability. Milo Schield and Tom Burnham, W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project.  6up

Student Attitudes Toward Statistics at Augsburg: 2003-2004. Milo and Cynthia Schield, W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project.  6up

2007 Statistical Literacy #10 (ASA, Salt Lake City, UT). Chair: Paul J. Fields

Statistics for Innumerate Journalists.   Stephen Doig, Walter Cronkite Professor of Journalism (Arizona State Univ.) Slides 4up 
                     See also Reporting with the Tools of Social Science.  Nieman Foundation, Harvard (2008)

Quantitative Reasoning: An Activity-Based Course. Kay Somers (Moravian College)   6up

Grammar of Statements Involving "Chance". Milo Schield (Augsburg) and Tom Burnham (Cognitive Consulting) 6up  1up

Numbers in the News: A Survey.   Milo Schield (Augsburg) & Cynthia Schield (Former co-publisher of the Napa County Record) 6up, 1up, Data

2006 Statistical and Quantitative Literacy #9 (ASA, Seattle, WA)  Organizer and chair: Milo Schield

Pedagogical Challenges of Quantitative Literacy.   Bernie Madison, President of the National Numeracy Network. Slides 6up

Increasing Quantitative Literacy through the Mathematics across the Community College Curriculum Project.

Rebecca Hartzler (Seattle Community College) and Kim Rheinlander (Dartmouth).  6up

Quirks of Rhetoric: a Quantitative Analysis of Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing. Neil Lutsky  (Carleton College)

Common Misconceptions in Statistical Literacy. Marc Isaacson (Augsburg College)   6up

Percentage Charts in USA Today Snapshots Online.   Milo Schield (Augsburg College)  Print version6up

2005 Statistical Literacy #8 (ASA, Minneapolis, MN). Organizer and chair: Milo Schield (90 attendees)

What Can 'CSI' Teach Us about Statistical Literacy  Jane Miller (Rutgers University)

Epidemiology for Teaching Statistics  Chris Olsen (Cedar Rapids Iowa schools)

Toys, Tales and a Journalist's View of Statistics  Lewis Cope (co-author of News and Numbers)

Statistical Literacy: An Online Course at Capella University  Marc Isaacson (Augsburg College)

On-line Ratio Statement Validator, Burnham and Schield,  Slides 6up 1up

Statistical Literacy and Chance, Milo Schield (Augsburg College) Slides 6up  1up

2004 Statistical Literacy #7 (ASA, Toronto, Canada).  Organizer and chair: Milo Schield

Teaching Statistical Principles using Epidemiology,  Donna Stroup (CDC)

Planning a Statistical Literacy Course  Robert Hayden (Plymouth State University)

Statistics for Political Science Majors  Gary Klass (Illinois State University)

Confounder-Resistance and Confounder Intervals for a Binary Confounder, Schield & Burnham Slides 1up 6up

Reviewer  Brian Jersky  ASA 2004

2003 Statistical Literacy #6 (ASA, San Francisco, CA)  Organizer and Chair: Milo Schield

Understanding Scientific Reasoning, Ronald Giere (U. Mn) & Leslie Burkholder (Canada)

Journalism, Computer Assisted Reporting and Statistical Literacy, Brant Huston (Director IRE: Investigative Reporters and Editors)

Subjective Statistical Inference Based On Pure Associations  Robyn M. Dawes (Carnegie Mellon)

Review of Statistical Literacy Course Design at Augsburg: 2002-2003  Julie Naylor & Bill Jasperson  (Augsburg)

Confounder-Induced Spuriosity and Reversal: Algebraic Conditions for Binary Data, Schield & Burnham Slides 1Up 6Up

2002 Statistical Literacy #5 (ASA, New York City, NY).  Organizer and Chair: Milo Schield

Using Quantitative Data to Study Social Phenomena: Some Ignored Issues  Stanley Lieberson (Harvard)

People Count: The Social Construction of Statistics   Joel Best (University of Delaware)

Bag of Tricks for Teaching Statistics, Andrew Gelman (Colombia)

The Mission of STATS,  S. Robert Lichter, President of STATS  (Presented by Ian Murray)

Algebraic Relationships in 2x2 Tables, Schield & Burnham Original ASA-published versionUpdated version  [Original is not original]

2001 Statistical Literacy #4 (ASA, Atlanta, GA)  Organizer and Chair: Milo Schield

The Tyranny of Numbers,  Nicholas Eberstadt (AEI: American Enterprise Institute)

More Guns; Less Crime.  John Lott (University of Chicago and Yale)

Student-Centered Education,  Deborah Rumsey (University of Ohio)

A Post-Modern View of Statistical Education,  Gudmund Iversen (Swarthmore College)

Statistical Literacy: Reading Tables of Rates and Percentages, Milo Schield (Augsburg College)  Jenkins Appendix version

2000 Statistical Literacy #3 (ASA, Indianapolis, IN)  Organizer and Chair: Milo Schield

Thinking Big About Statistics.    John Bailar III (Univ. Chicago)  See Excerpts from "A Larger Perspective"

Cross-Level Inference as an Identification Problem.   W. Phillips Shively (Univ. Minnesota)

A Case Story in the Teaching of Observational Studies.   Chamont (Wei-hong) Wang (College of New Jersey)

A First Year Interdisciplinary QR Course: A Pre-Statistics Course  Jabon and Narasimhan (De Paul U)

Teaching Statistics For Use In Epidemiology  Joe H. Abramson (Hebrew University)

Statistical Literacy: Describing and Comparing Rates and Percentages Milo Schield (Augsburg College) 6up

1999 Critical Thinking in Observational Studies #2 (ASA, Baltimore, MD)

How to Help Reporters Tell The Truth  Victor Cohn (Former Washington Post Science editor)

Population Growth and Propensity: Complex Observational Studies.   Thomas Wonnacott (Canada)

Teaching Causal Inference in Experiments and Observational Studies  Donald Rubin (Harvard)

Simpson's Paradox and Cornfield's Conditions, Milo Schield (Augsburg College)

Discussant/Reviewer: Gudmund Iversen

1998 New Directions in Introductory Statistics #1 (ASA, Dallas, TX).  Organizer and Chair: Milo Schield

Statistics for First Year Liberal Arts Students  Gary Smith (Pomona College)

Educating Everyone: Statistical Methods and Statistical Literacy.  Jessica Utts (U. California, Davis)

* Teaching Statistics Without Formulas.  Gudmund Iversen (Swarthmore) See Why Should We Even Teach Statistics? A Bayesian Perspective

Eight Features of an Ideal Introductory Statistics Course.  Donald Macnaughton (Toronto)

Statistical Literacy and Evidential Statistics, Milo Schield (Augsburg College)  1up

* Hard copy available


Tom Burnham accomplishments

QL = Q/L = Quantitative Literacy,   QR = Q/R = Quantitative Reasoning,    S/L = SL = Statistical Literacy,     S/R = SR = Statistical Reasoning

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