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Each year's edition contains selected news and pictures involving books, grants, conferences and articles related to statistical literacy, quantitative literacy, numeracy, quantitative reasoning and statistical reasoning.


Making history:


The years:

  •   StatLit 2015: Current News

  •   StatLit 2014: Statisticians have mis-measured uncertainty:  Herbert Weisberger in "Willful Ignorance"

  •   StatLit 2013: 'Confounding and variation: the two major themes in data analysis'.   See Tintle et al.

  •   StatLit 2012: The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck ... by Michael J. Mauboussin

  •   StatLit 2011: Special Statistical Literacy issue: SJIAOS.  Augsburg offers teacher-training online.

  •   StatLit 2010: Wired Magazine picks Statistical Literacy for Wired University. Flyer

  •   StatLit 2009: AACU develops rubric for Quantitative Literacy.

  •   StatLit 2008: New Journal: Numeracy.

  •   StatLit 2007: Rossman: GAISE goals cannot be fully achieved in a traditional methods course.

  •   StatLit 2006: ASA GAISE concludes "Introductory courses should ...emphasize statistical literacy..."

  •   StatLit 2005: Bernie Madison develops News Math: a Q/L course that uses the news.

  •   StatLit 2004: Howard Wainer features a new graphical technique that illustrates confounding.

  •   StatLit 2003: Joel Best addresses the ASA JSM on the social construction of statistics.


  • For fun, try the Baby Name Voyager. Type a name at the blinking cursor. See what happens!

  • Check out Swivel: a You-tube for data.  "Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data. As a preview it's rough around the edges. May your love for data guide you."   Swivel graph types and test data

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