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This page introduces those items most closely related to the goals of the W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project:
       to develop statistical literacy as an interdisciplinary curriculum in the liberal arts.  

  • Standardizing:  Presents graphic method of controlling for the influence of a binary confounder. See 2006 Fall STATS magazine.

  • StatLit papers identifies papers closely related to numeracy, quantitative literacy or statistical literacy. 

  • StatLit Textbook: Teacher training and textbook developed by the W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy project.

  • Schield Publications: All of Milo Schield's publications (organized by topic), slides from talks, grant proposals, etc.

  • StatLit Tools of statistical literacy include surveys, Excel spreadsheets the demonstrate standardizing, grammar drills and part-whole recognition drills.  Tom Burnham (shown above) developed a web-based grammar drill that gives students immediate feedback on their use of ordinary English in describing and comparing rates and percentages as presented in tables and graphs.

  • US-ISLP Poster Competition.  Sponsored by the International Statistical Literacy Project.

  • StatLit Site: Presents the mission of www.StatLit.org, the site webmaster and relevant statistics.

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