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Jessica Utts (shown above) authored Seeing Through Statistics -- a college textbook that emphasizes statistical literacy and de-emphasizes statistical methods or tests.

  • StatLit History introduces the history of the term "statistical literacy."   Read Enhancing Statistical Literacy: Enriching Our Society by Katherine K. Wallman (shown below).

  • David Moore lists articles and books written by best-selling author David Moore.

  • StatLit Books lists books that focus on statistical literacy and related topics such as causation.

  • Statistical Reasoning (S/R) Resources  presents groups in statistical education that are actively investigating ways to promote and assess best practices in teaching the statistical literacy, reasoning and thinking.

  • Statistical Reasoning (S/R) Textbooks features selected textbooks that place a greater emphasis on the conceptual aspects of statistical literacy than on the statistical tests and methods featured in a typical introductory statistics textbook.

  • Information Literacy Resources: As promoted by various library-related professional organizations.

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