Best Selling Book published before 1960:
"How To Lie
with Statistics
by Darrell Huff
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Twenty-Five Notable Books as of 2009
on Statistical or Quantitative Literacy
(Excluding Textbooks)

  1. *Lynn Steen (2001), Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Q/L

  2. *Joel Best (2002), Damned Lies and Statistics

  3. *Victor Cohn (1989), News and Numbers

  4. *Howard Wainer (2005), Graphic Discovery: A Trout in the Milk and Other Adventures.

  5. *Darrell Huff (1954), How To Lie with Statistics

  6. Jane M. Watson (2006), Statistical Literacy at School

  7. Gerald Bracey (2006), Reading Educational Research: How to Avoid Getting Statistically Snookered

  8. Robyn Dawes (2001), Everyday Irrationality

  9. Gerd Gigerenzer (2002), Calculated Risks: How to Know When Numbers Deceive You

  10. *John Paulos (1988), Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequences

  11. *Lynn Arthur Steen (2004), Achieving Quantitative Literacy

  12. Stanley Lieberson (1985), Making It Count

  13. Othmar Winkler (2009),  Interpreting Economic and Social Data: A Foundation of Descriptive Statistics

  14. Edward Tufte (1983), The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

  15. *Jane Miller (2004), The Chicago Guide to Writing About Numbers

  16. *Joel Best (2004), More Damned Lies and Statistics

  17. *Howard Wainer (2000), Visual Revelations

  18. *Edward Tufte (1995), Visual Explanations

  19. *Lynn Steen (1997), Why Numbers Count: Quantitative Literacy for Tomorrow’s America

  20. A. K. Dewdney (1995), 200% of Nothing: From “Percentage Pumping” to “Irrational Ratios”

  21. *John Brignell (2000), Sorry, Wrong Number

  22. Hans Zeisel (1947), Say It With Figures

  23. *John Brignell (2004), The Epidemiologists

  24. John Allen Paulos (1995), A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

  25. Eleanor Wilson Orr (1987), Twice as Less: Does Black English stand between black students and success in math and science

*  Recommended for newcomers.


  1. Richard Gillman (2006),  Current Practices in Quantitative Literacy

  2. John Allen Paulos (1993), once upon a number: the hidden mathematical logic of stories

  3. Jane Miller (2005), The Chicago Guide to Writing About Multivariate Analysis

  4. *David Murray, Joel Schwartz & Robert Lichter (2001). It Ain’t Necessarily So. How Media Make & Unmake the Scientific Picture of Reality.

  5. Phillip Meyer (1991), The New Precision Journalism

  6. Lynn Steen, Editor (1990), On The Shoulder’s Of Giants: New Approaches to Numeracy

  7. Sarah Cohen (2001), Numbers in the Newsroom: Using Math and Statistics in the News

  8. Stephen K. Campbell (1974), Flaws and Fallacies in Statistical Thinking

Statistical literacy books organized by category.

Sales ranks are based on sales rankings as of November, 2009. rankings of books in the top 100,000 are based on sales during the past 24 hours. 

Please submit the names of other books relevant to statistical literacy where the primary focus is on the data used in an argument.

    Statistical Literacy
4,824   How To Lie With Statistics by Darrel Huff, 1954 (Darrell died June 27, 2001 at age 87)
7,402   Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions
14,222   The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow (2008)
23,070   Statistics for the Utterly Confused (2nd ed.) by Lloyd Jaisingh, 2000 
32,261   Damned Lies and Statistics by Joel Best, 2000
36,130   Guesstimation: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin
66,471   Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences by John Paulos, 1985
82,669   The Chicago Guide to Writing about Numbers by Jane Miller (2004)
83,818   Stat-Spotting: A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data (Hc) by Joel Best (2008)
84,346   Know Your Chances: Understanding Health Statistics
95,657   More Damned Lies and Statistics: How Numbers Confuse Public Issues by Joel Best (2004)
109,802   Cult of Statistical Significance by Deidre McCloskey and Stephen Ziliak (2008)
113,902   The Numbers Game: The Commonsense Guide to Understanding Numbers in the News, in Politics, and in Life by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot
137,930   200% of Nothing by A. K. Dewdney, 1999
161,338   A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper by John Paulos, 1999
165,633   Statistical Myths, Urban Legends
183,446   Beyond Numeracy: Ruminations of a Numbers Man by John Paulos, 1992
333,407   The Chicago Guide to Writing about Multivariate Analysis (Chicago Guide) by Jane Miller (Pb. Hc) 2005
338,289   Probably Not: Future Prediction Using Probability and Statistical Inference
460,996   Uncertainty and Risk: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
463,072   Statistical Misconceptions
469,862   What the Numbers Say: A Field Guide to Mastering Our Numerical World by Niederman and Boyd (2004 hc)
473,281   Measuring Up: What Educational Testing Really Tells Us
505,387   The Tiger That Isn't: Seeing Through a World of Numbers
523,604   The Inner Life of Numbers  
573,925   Chance Rules: An Informal Guide to Probability, Risk and Statistics
580,673   Facts From Figures by M. J. Moroney, 1951 (2nd ed. 1953; reprinted 1990)
658,633   Once upon A Number by John Paulos, 1999
700,552   The Arithmetic of Life and Death by George Shaffner, May 2001 New Ed.
732,845   It's Great! Oops, No It Isn't: Why Clinical Research Can't Guarantee The Right Medical Answers by Ronald Gauch
802,733   Making It Count: Improvement of Social Research and Theory by Stanley Lieberson, 1985
956,905   Prove It With Figures by Hans Zeisel and D. H. Kaye, 1997
1,011,009   Developing Students Statistical Reasoning: Connecting Research and Teaching Practice
1,307,568   Bridging the Statistical Gap
1,373,950   MathSemantics by Edward MacNeal, 1994 (Reprint 1995)
1,386,114   Unlatching the Gate
1,665,880   RANDOMNICITY: Rules and Randomness in the Realm of the Infinite
1,709,632   Everyday Probability and Statistics: Health, Elections, Gambling and War
2,275,309   Say It With Figures by Hans Zeisel, 1957 (6th ed. 1968)
4,038,576   Turn Numbers into Knowledge
    MAA: Quantitative Literacy
    Calculation vs. Context: QL and Its Implications for Teacher Education. Edited by Steen and Madison MAA 2008
    Current Practices in QL Programs. Edited by Rick Gillman MAA 2007
1,207,941   On the Shoulders of Giants: New Approaches to Numeracy, 1990 by Lynn Steen MAA
1,339,443   Why Numbers Count: Quantitative Literacy for Tomorrow's America, 1997 MAA
1,365,145   Mathematics and Democracy, 2001
1,373,586   Literacy & Math: Contemporary QL by Abromson Jay and Isom Mathew, 2nd ed. 2006
    ASA: Quantitative Literacy
1,380,800   Exploring Data (Quantitative Literacy Series) by Landwehr and Watkins, 1994
1,136,439   Exploring Probability (Quantitative Literacy Series) by Newman et al., 1987
    Textbooks: Quantitative Reasoning
126,376   Using and Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach by Bennett and Briggs, 2008 4th ed
211,153   For All Practical Purposes: Mathematical Literacy in Today's World by COMAP, 2001 (8th ed. 2008)
229,107   Mathematics for Life by Pierce, Wright and Roland, 1997 (Preliminary edition)
252,735   Quantitative Reasoning: Tools for Today's Informed Citizen with CD by Sevilla and Summers (2008 pb)
484,367   Mathematical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning by Aufmann, Lockwood et al (2007)
719,265   Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment by Langkamp and Hull (2006 pb)
1,533,721   Mathematics for Life: Foundation Course for Quantitative Literacy by Pierce et al., 1997
2,580,871   Mathematical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning by Linda R. Sons, Peter J. Nicholls, and Joseph B. Stephen (1998 pb\)
3,405,397   Quantitative Reasoning: Mathematics for Citizens in the 21st Century by Bennett, Briggs and Morrow, 1998
    Textbooks: Statistical Literacy
54,700   Statistics by Freedman, Pisani and Purves, 1978 (4th ed. 2007 pb)
55,821   The Basic Practice of Statistics: (Cloth Text & Student CD) by David Moore (5th ed 2009 pb)
80,815   Seeing Through Statistics by Jessica Utts, 1996  (2nd ed. 1999)
92,444   Statistics: Concepts and Controversies by David Moore and William Notz (7th ed. 2008 pb)
571,103   Just Plain Data Analysis: Finding, Presenting, and Interpreting Social Science Data by Gary Klass (2008)
1,261,871   Statistical Literacy at School: Growth & Goals by Jane Watson (2006)
3,508,764   Statistics: A new Approach by Wallis and Roberts, 1957 (10th printing, 1964) 1967
    Charts and Graphs
2,254   The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte, 1983
2,687   Envisioning Information, 1990
11,625   Visual Explanations : Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative by Edward Tufte, 1997
19,447   Say It with Presentations: How to Design and Deliver Successful Business Presentations by Gene Zelazny, 2006
62,561   Visual & Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Decision Making, 1997
102,222   Say It with Charts: The Executive's Guide to Visual Communication by Gene Zelazny, 19??
127,468   Information Graphics by Robert L. Harris, 2000
170,991   The Elements of Graphing Data by William S. Cleveland, 1994
173,267   Visualizing Data by William S. Cleveland, 1993
529,424   The Grammar of Graphics by Leland Wilkinson, 2005 2nd ed
595,926   Visualizing Categorical Data by Michael Friendly, 2001
743,762   Visual Revelations by Howard Wainer, 2000
982,560   Graphing Statistics & Data: Creating Better Charts by Anders and Britt Wallgren, 1996
703,014   How To Lie with Charts by Gerald Jones, 2000
610,145   Modern Epidemiology by Kenneth Rothman and Sander Greenland, 199?  (2nd edition, 1998)
777,835   Making Sense of [Epidemiological] Data by J. H. Abrahamson, 199?  (3rd ed., 2001)
3,444,686   Epidemiology by Christie, Gordon and Heller, 1987  (2nd ed., 1996) pb
749,062   Sampling of Populations: Methods and Applications by Levy and Lemeshow, 19?? (3rd ed. 1998)
749,062   Demographic Methods by Andrew Hinde, 1997
944,966   Methods and Models in Demography by Colin Newell, 1989
1,607,064   Plant and Animal Population: Methods in Demography by Thomas Ebert, 1997
    Observational Studies; Multiple Regression
16,540   Applied Multiple Regression (for Social Sciences) by Cohen et al, 1984, 3rd ed.
25,868   Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models by Gelman and Hill (2006 pb)
52,344   Logistic Regression:  A Self Learning Text by David Kleinbaum, 2005, 2nd ed.
164,285   Design of Observational Studies by Rosenbaum (2009 hc)
250,388   Multiple Regression: Testing and Interpreting Interactions by Aiken et al, 1996
250,474   Applied Logistic Regression by David Hosmer and Stanley Lemeshow, 2001 NEW
260,012   Multiple Regression in Behavioral Research by Elazar Pedhazur, 1997
274,713   Regression Models for Categorical .... Variables by Scott Long, 1997
275,736   Modeling Regression Strategies by Frank Harrell, June 2001
421,549   Observational Studies by Rosenbaum (2002 2nd ed hc)
443,801   Regression Analysis of Count Data (Econometric Society) by Cameron and Trivedi, 1998
508,563   Graph Algebra:  Math Modeling by Courtney Brown (2007 pb)
324   The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb (hc) 2004
482   Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk by Peter Bernstein, 1998
5,520   Fooled By Randomness .. in the Markets and Life by Nassim Taleb, 2004, 2nd ed.
70,168   Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart by Gigerenzer and Todd (2000 pb)
84,346   Know Your Chances: Understanding Health Statistics (Pb)
94,470   Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious by Gerd Gigerenzer (2008 pb)
154,213   Calculated Risks: How to Know When Numbers Deceive You by Gerd Gigerenzer (1986 pb)
224,639   Rationality for Mortals: How People Cope with Uncertainty by Gerd Gigerenzer (2008 hc)
263,987   The Taming of Chance by Tim and Ian Hacking, 1990
288,483   Bounded Rationality: The Adaptive Toolbox by Gigerenzer and Shelton (2002 pb)
294,082   Reckoning with Risk: Learning to Live with Uncertainty by Gerd Gigerenzer (2003 pb)
365,988   Laws of the Game by Winkler et al., 1993
575,435   Heuristics and the Law. Ed by Gerd Gigerenzer and Christop Engel (2006 hc)
644,553   The Empire of Chance: How Probability Changed Science and Everyday Life by Gigerenzer, Swijtink, Porter, and Daston (1990)
850,692   Adaptive Thinking: Rationality in the Real World (Evolution and Cognition Series) by Gerd Gigerenzer (2002 pb)
881,060   The Precautionary Principle:.. Environmental Risk Assessment  by Goklany, 2001
933,545   From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice, Buchanan et al., 2000
956,203   Rethinking Risk and the Precautionary Principle  by Julian Morris Ed., 2000
1,056,230   Protecting Public Health and the Environment:  The Precautionary Principle  by Raffensperger et al., 1999
1,702,673   Ecological Numeracy: Quantitative Analysis of Environmental Issues by Robert Herendeen, 1998
2,406,841   Change, Chance and Optimality (Oxford Linguistics) by April McHon, 2000
5,572,793   Chance and Structure: Logical Foundations of Probability by John Vickers, 1989
Out of Print   Precautionary Principle and Children's Health  by Craig Lorraine ed., Special Edition  2001
New   Coming to Terms with Chance by Jr Oscar H. Gandy (2009 hc)
    Statistical Significance
254,684   Statistics as Principled Argument by Robert Abelson, 1995
716,309   Sense and Nonsense of Statistical Inference by Chamont Wang, 1993
3,366,316   The Significance Controversy: A Reader by Denton Morrison, 1970
3,150,558   Statistical Inference: Commentary for Social and Behavioural Sciences by Michael Oakes, 1986 [Out of Print]
12,023   The Intelligent Asset Allocator:.. Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk by William Bernstein, 2000
31,307   Choices, Values and Frames by Kahneman and Tversky, 2000
161,856   Value at Risk: New Benchmark for Managing Financial Risk by Philippe Jourion, 3rd ed 2006
197,908   Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk by Roger Gibson, 3rd. ed. 2000
290,548   Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Guide by David Vose, 3rd ed. 2008
569,582   Risk Management by Crouhy, et al., 2000
1,938,703   The Economics of Risk and Time by Christian Gollier, 2001
    Chance and the Universe
132,324   Not by Chance: Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution, Buchanan et al., 1998
871,727   God, Chance and Necessity by Keith Ward, 1990
1,148,219   The Riddled Chain: Chance, Coincidence and Chaos in Human Evolution by Jeffrey McKee, 2000
2,964,647   The Creative Power of Chance by Remy Lestienne, 1998
3,999,337   The Future of the Universe: Chance, Chaos, God? by Arnold Benz, 2000
Statistics and Causality
77,888   The Art of Reasoning by David Kelley, 1998 3rd ed.
406,188   Causality: Models, Reasoning and Inference by Judea Pearl, 19??
740,505   The Art of Causal Conjecture  by Glen Shafer, 1996
1,486,675   Causality in Crisis: Statistical Methods and the Search for Causal Knowledge in the Social Sciences  edited by McKim and Turner, 1997
    Statistical Reasoning
10,299   Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction by Hastie, Tisbshirani and Friedman, 2009 3rd ed
13,334   Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference and Prediction by Hastie, Tisbshirani and Friedman, 2009 3rd ed
28,358   Head First Data Analysis: A Learner's Guide... by Michael Milton (2009 pb)
161,688   Statistics For Experimenters by George Box, J. Stuart Hunter and William Hunter, 2005 2nd ed.
318,767   Reasoning With Statistics: How To Read Quantitative Research by Fredrick Williams, 2000 5th ed.
404,173   How to Tell the Liars from the Statisticians by  R. Hooke, 1983
799,687   Flaws and Fallacies in Statistical Thinking by Stephen Campbell, 1974
1,058,179   Statistics in the 21st Century by Raftery and Tanner (2001)
1,367,874   Misused Statistics: Making Sense out of Twisted Numbers by Jaffe, 1998 2nd ed
1,572,000   How to Think About Statistics, 6th ed. by Harold Phillips, 1999
2,345,393   How To Use (and Misuse) Statistics by Gregory A. Kimble, 1978 [Out of Print]
    Statistical Theory
54,384   Mail and Internet Surveys: The Tailored Design Method by Don Dillman (2nd ed.1999)
151,867   Pattern Classification by Duda, Hart and Stork (2nd ed. 2000)
    Biometric Statistics
166,194   Biological Sequence Analysis: Probabilistic Models ... by Durbin et al. (Reprint ed. 1999)
234,149   Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics by Grant and Ewens, 2000
272,168   Biometry: Principles and Practices of Statistics... by Robert Sokal (3rd ed. 1994)
296,227   Design and Analysis of Ecological Experiments by Scheiner and Gurevitch, 2nd ed., 2000
515,185   Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics by Nei and Kumar, 1999
1,128,132   Chance in the House of Fate: A Natural History of Heredity, Jennifer Ackerman, 2000
1,135,454   Statistical Genomics: Linkage, Mapping and QTL Analysis by Liu, 1996
    Bayesian Reasoning
217,532   Introduction to Bayesian Statistics by William Bolstad (2nd ed)
362,776   Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis by James O. Berger, 1985 2nd edition
575,484   Scientific Reasoning: The Bayesian Approach by Colin Howson and Peter Urbach, 1993 2nd ed.
624,704   Bayesian Theory by Jose Bernado and Adrian Smith, 2001
779,529   The Bayesian Choice by Christian Robert, 2nd ed., 2001
    Statistics and Journalism
762,189   News and Numbers: A Guide to Report Statistical Claims... by Victor Cohn, 1999 (2nd ed. w Mike Cope, 2001)
918,961   Numbers in the Newsroom: Using Math and Statistics in News by Sarah Cohen (Pb, 2001)
1,157,121   Math Tools for Journalists by Kathleen Wickham (Student 2nd edition) 2003
2,216,669   The New Precision Journalism by Phillip Meyer, 1991
    Research Methods in Social Sciences
538,074   Evaluating Information: A Guide for Users of Social sciences Research by Katzer, Cook and Crouch, 1978 (4th ed., 1997)
1,346,080   Introduction to Social Statistics: The Logic of Statistical Reasoning by Dietz and Kalof (2009 hc)
1,825,402   Exploring Data: An Introduction to Data Analysis for Social Sciences by Catherine Marsh, 1991
4,507,913   Basic Research Methods in the Social Sciences by Julian L. Simon, 1969 (3rd ed., 1985)
    Statistics and Education
61,841   Educational Research: An Introduction by Meridth Gall (8th ed. 2006)
323,785   Reading Educational Research by Gerald Bracey (2006)
    Statistics Reasoning in Law
727,788   Applying Statistics in the Courtroom: A New Approach for Attorneys and Expert Witnesses by Phillip I. Good (Hardcover - Jul 11, 2001)
783,834   Statistics and the Law by Degroot, Feinberg and Kadane, 1994
788,107   Statistics for Lawyers by Michael Finkelstein and Bruce Levin, (2nd ed. ,2001)
1,106,414   Applying Statistics in the Courtroom by Phillip Good, 2001
1,304,078   Statistical Science in the Courtroom. edited by Joe Gastwirth, 2000
3,750,705   Quantitative Methods in Law by Michael Finkelstein, 1988 [Out of Print]
3,978,072   Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy: Fairness Vol. 1. edited by Joe Gastwirth, 1988
4,968,532   Statistical Reasoning in Law and Public Policy: Tort Law, Evidence & Health, Vol. 2. edited by Joe Gastwirth, 1988
    Statistics and Ecology
1,705,099   Ecological Numeracy:  Quantitative Analysis of Ecological Issues by Robert Herendeen, 1998
    Economic Statistics
16,402   The Economists Guide to Economic Indicators by Economist staff, 2007 6th ed.
258,082   Elementary Stochastic Calculus with Finance in View by Mikosch, 1999
870,489   Financial Econometrics: Problems Models and Methods by Gourgieroux et al. (Nov, 2001)
1,217,502   Handbook of Key Economic Indicators by R. Mark Rogers, (2nd ed., 1998)
    Statistical Literacy for Business
179,528   How to Use Financial Statements by James Bandler, 1994
226,806   The Guide to Understanding Financial Statements by Szurovy and Costales, (2nd ed. 1993)
239,418   Barron's Finance and Investment Handbook by Downs and Goodman, 7th ed. 2006
385,717   The Economist Numbers Guide: The Essentials of Business Numeracy by Richard Stutely, 2003 5th ed.
400,894   How To Read the Financial Pages by Michael Brett, 1987 (5th ed. 2001)
938,500   Wall Street Dictionary by Robert Shook, 1999
1,912,517   Using Business Statistics: A Guide for Beginners by Dickey and Carrigan, 1995
    Six Sigma
96,818   The Six Sigma Way: How Top Companies are Honing their Performance by Pande et al, 2000
350,799   The Power of Six Sigma:  Transforming the Way we Work by Subir Chowdhury, 2001
604,190   Making Six Sigma Last: Balance Between Cultural and Technical Change by George Eckes, 2001
431,176   General Electric's Six Sigma Revolution: Statisticians by  Gerald Eckes, 2000
57,985   Implementing Six Sigma by Forrest Breyfogle, III , 1999
23,961   The Six Sigma Handbook by Thomas Pyzdek, 2000
464,820   Managing Six Sigma by Breyfogle et al., 2000
645,178   Customer Centered Six Sigma by Earl Naumann and Steven Hoisington, 2000
53,431   What is Six Sigma by Pete Pande, Larry Holpp and Peter Pande, 2001
178,332   Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance by Roger Hoerl and Ronald Snee, Feb 2001
6,890   Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea by Charles Seife, 2000 pb.
64,503   The Foundations of Arithmetic: ...the Concept of Number by Gottlieb Frege (1900?), 2nd ed., rev 1980
98,971   Where Mathematics Comes From by Lakoff, et al., 2001
128,580   Number Freak: From 1 to 200- The Hidden Language of Numbers Revealed by Derrick Niederman (2009 pb)
198,673   Fascinating Fibonaccis by Trudi Garland, 1987
294,729   e: The Story of a Number by Eli Maor, 1998
398,933   What Counts: How Every Brain is Hardwired for Math by Brian Butterworth, 1999
572,357   Those Fascinating Numbers by Jean-Marie De Koninck (2009 pb)
968,836   The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero by Robert Kaplan, 1999
1,131,397   The Math Gene: How Mathematical Thinking Evolved ... by Keith Devlin, ????
1,216,663   Wonder of Numbers: Adventures in Math, Mind and Meaning by Cliffor Pickover, 2000
1,278,442   The Sum of Our Discontent: Why Numbers Make Us Irrational by David Boyle, 2001
2,105,732   How the Other Half Thinks: Adventures in Mathematical Reasoning by Sherman Stein, 2001
    Arithmetic Skills (Numeracy)
642,963   The Complete How to Figure It: Using Math in Everyday Life by Darrel Huff, 1999
712,068   How To Pass Numeracy Tests by Harold Tolley, (3rd ed. 2006)
3,516,599   Mental Mathematics for the Numeracy Hour by Harries and Spooner, 2000
6,773,245   Numeracy Skills for Business by Curwin, Hart and Slater, 1994
    Adult Numeracy
1,961,797   Adult Numeracy Development: Theory, Research and Practice edited by Iddo Gal, January 2001
7,271,374   Passport to Professional Numeracy: Arithmetic and Statistics for Teachers by Heather Cooke, May 2001 NEW
    Number Concepts
174,170   Developing Number Concepts, Book 1: Counting, Comparing and Pattern by Kathy Richardson, 1998
148,521   Developing Number Concepts, Book 2: Addition and Subtraction by Kathy Richardson, 1988
204,860   Developing Number Concepts, Book 3: Place Value, Multiplication and Division by Kathy Richardson, 1988
956,098   Planning Guide for Developing Number Concepts [Ages 4-8] by Kathy Richardson, 2000
    Social Policy
13,454   The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 19??
22,789   Climbing Mount Improbable by Richard Dawkins, 1997
34,749   The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould, 1981 (Revised, 1996)
51,469   Created Unequal:  The Crisis In American Pay by James K Galbraith, 2000
54,252   Loosing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950 - 1980 by Charles Murray, 1985 (2nd edition 1995)
223,443   Race and Culture: A World View by Thomas Sowell, 1995
376,530   The Tyranny of Numbers: Mismeasurement and Misrule by Nicholas Eberstadt, 1995 pb.
472,621   The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, American Society at the End of the 20th Century by William Bennett, 1999
857,774   Income Inequality in America: An Analysis of Trends by Paul Ryscavage, 2000
858,334   It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 greatest trends of last 100 years by Stephen Moore and Julian Simon, 2000
1,256,203   Political Numeracy: Mathematical Perspectives on our Chaotic Constitution by Michael Meyerson, March 2003
1,641,228   Preferential Policies: An International Perspective by Thomas Sowell, 199? [Out of Print]
1,751,839   Shifting Fortunes: The Perils of the Growing American Wage Gap by Collins, Leondar-Wright and Sklar, 1999
1,814,719   Criminal Justice?  The Legal System versus Individual Responsibility edited by Robert Bidinotto, 1995
1,896,342   The Social Health of the Nation: How America is Really Doing by Miringoff, Miringoff and Opdycke, 1999
2,122,310   Top Heavy: The Increasing Inequality of Wealth in America and What Can Be Done About It by Edwin Wolff
2,156,646   A Probabilistic Analysis of the Saco and Vanzetti Case by Kadane and Schum, 1996
2,328,028   The Health of Nations: True Causes of Sickness and Well-being by Leonard Sagan, 1987 [Out of Print?]
99,049   The Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Simon, 1997
697,683   The State of Humanity by Julian Simon, 1995
918,806   Hoodwinking the Nation by Julian Simon, 1998
1,145,108   The Ultimate Resource by Julian Simon, 199? Out of Print
    Guns and Crime
79,354   More Guns; Less Crime by John Lott, 1998 (2nd ed., 2000)
137,679   Seven Myths of Gun Control by Richard Poe and David Horowitz, 2001
664,732   Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control by Gary Kleck and Don Kates, Oct 2001 NEW
668,934   The Gun Control Debate: You Decide by Lee Nisbet, (2nd ed., 2001)
1,300,459   Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns by J. Neil Shulman and Gary Kleck, 1999
    Social Statistics/Data
    The Statistical Abstract of the US, 2000 edited by Glenn King, 1999
1,053,755   The First Measured Century by Caplow, Hicks and Wattenberg, 1999
1,501,705   Handbook of Income Distribution edited by Atkinson and Bourguignon, 1999


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